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Obesity is a medical condition and it is associated with significant health risk including diabetes, hypertension, pain, cancer and other diseases. Obesity is a result of both genetics and environmental causes. That means, while you may have a genetic tendency or predisposition to become overweight, our environment and culture (easy access to quick foods, large portions, no time for exercise, etc.) makes it that much easier for weight gain to occur.

While obesity alone is not a psychiatric illness, many patients who are obese experience psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety, binge eating, pain, and other diseases and disorders.

Take Control of Your Weight

If you are ready to get your weight under control, we are here to help. Ashland Integrative Medicine of Ashland KY has the most comprehensive weight loss program of its kind in Ashland KY. At Ashland Integrative Medicine we utilize simple and proven programs that have helped thousands of people reach and maintain a healthy body weight using medically supervised weight loss treatment plans.

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