Success Stories

Success Stories

Read the inspiring stories of patients who lost weight on the CMWL plan—and see how you can become a success story, too!


With support from her CMWL doctor and her family, Cheryl was able to lose weight at a steady pace – and keep it off. She now weighs nearly the same as the day she got married 18 years ago – and feels better than she has in years!

Age: 43

Total Weight Loss: 77 lbs.


Before and After

Mark N.

When his weight loss journey began, Mark N. was skeptical that he could follow the CMWL plan. But now, 90 pounds lighter, with lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and feeling better than ever, he credits CMWL for helping him save his own life.

Age: 50

Total Weight Loss: 86 lbs.


Before and After


She put on more than 80 pounds over two pregnancies and couldn't stay motivated to lose the weight. But by following the CMWL program, Carmela worked with her doctor to change her eating habits – and was able to lose the weight and regain self-confidence.

Age: 38

Total Weight Loss: 33 lbs.


Before and After


Wayne credits CMWL with getting him started losing weight and letting him return to work full-time. Now his medical conditions are under control, he no longer needs his cane to walk - and, most importantly, CMWL has given him back his life.

Age: 59

Total Weight Loss: 44 lbs.


Before and After


Joanne is overcoming her eating disorder and losing weight with the help of her CMWL physician, Dr. Drabick. Though her biggest challenge is dealing with her feelings about comforting herself with food, CMWL sees her through her ups and downs.

Age: 58

Total Weight Loss: 112 lbs.


Before and After

Mark M.

When he was younger, Mark M. was an athlete who didn’t worry about his weight. But as the pounds crept on, he knew he needed to make a lifestyle change. Now he has more energy, thinks differently about food, and feels better than ever.

Age: 38

Total Weight Loss: 52 lbs.


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